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Studio Etiquette ~ Performance Information ~ Dress Requirements ~ Future Stars

Studio Etiquette

Regular attendance is encouraged. Missed classes will not be refunded nor will your child’s place be held if you are away for an extended period of time. A meeting with the parents may be requested if the child missing more than 4 days. If classes are missed close to recital, your child may be asked to not participate.

  • Common courtesy and politeness to everyone including respect for others’ belongings
  • Remove outdoor footwear at the door and place on racks provided 
  • Proper attire is required for the class, including hair pulled away from face 
  • Correct footwear is important 
  • No jewelry to be worn in class 
  • Take care of your own items 
  • No food allowed in the dance area 
  • No gum chewing in class 
  • Clean up after yourself (e.g. Put garbage in receptacles and empty bottles in recycle bin) 

PARKING: Park between the two studio buildings.

Parking in front of the tall building is permitted for drop off/pick up only. 

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Performance Information


Most technique classes will participate in the Christmas and Spring Recitals unless otherwise notified by the teacher. Three shows will be held at Christmas and in the spring. There may be extra rehearsals for each class prior to the show. Please check the studio calendar inside this brochure for the recital dates. Anyone wishing to watch the show, including dancers, must purchase a ticket at the Cultural Centre Box Office. Information regarding the recital will be emailed out prior to the recital.

Classes with fewer than 3 recreational students in them will not be able to participate in the Christmas or Spring Recitals.

Competitions & Festivals

Depending upon the commitment of the class, dancers may be asked to participate in either the Peace River North Festival in Fort St. John and/or the Standing Ovation Festival in Dawson Creek. The numbers used will be those prepared for the Spring Recital.

All festival fees will be due in November for students who would like to participate.

Solos and Duos

Students that are interested in doing solos or duos in competition must ask their teacher. If the teacher decides the student is ready they will arrange times to prepare the student. There are extra costs for this including choreography fees and studio rental.
All students receiving choreography will be charged $20 for studio rental on top of the choreography fee.

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Dress Requirements

Please take note of the clothes and shoes required for your child’s class. It is important that the students have appropriate footwear and clothing so the students can best benefit from their classes.  

Each student is required to purchase their class body suit. Having the students dressed in the appropriate colour for each class allows us to organize the students accordingly. This body suit may be used as the base for their recital costume(s).

Please make every attempt to dress your child in the outfit required for her class. Please take note of the dress requirements of your child’s level.

If a student is not dressed accordingly, they may be asked not to participate.

Tiny TotsPink short-sleeved bodysuit, pink tights, and ballet shoes
Pre-KinderLilac short-sleeved bodysuit, caramel tights and ballet and/or tap shoes
KinderLight blue short-sleeved bodysuit, caramel tights and ballet, black jazz and/or black tap shoes
PrimaryRoyal blue short-sleeved bodysuit, caramel tights, and ballet, black jazz and/or black tap shoes
Intro 3-4Lilac short sleeved bodysuit, caramel tights, plus black tap and ballet shoes
Intro 5-6Royal blue short sleeved bodysuit, caramel tights, plus black tap and ballet shoes
Teen Tap & Jazz Bodysuit or tank top and jazz pants, caramel tights, caramel tap and/or jazz shoes
Hair must be pulled off the face and neck.
Ballet for all other levels
(excluding Adult)
Solid coloured bodysuit, pink tights, pink ballet shoes (boys – black).
Hair must be in a bun.
Character shoes required for Levels 1 to 5
Tap & Jazz for all other levels
(excluding Adult)
Bodysuit or tank top and jazz pants, caramel tights, caramel tap and/or jazz shoes
Hair must be pulled off the face and neck.
AcroBodysuit or suitable top and shorts and caramel capri tights
Hip HopClothing that does not restrict the dancer’s movements, clean runners
Highland IntroT-shirt or non-restricting top, shorts, white knee-high socks, black ballet or highland shoes
Highland A & BT-shirt or non-restricting top, shorts, white knee-high socks, black highland shoes
Adult ClassesTop and leggings or jazz pants (something that is easy to move in) and suitable shoes (black for tap and jazz)

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Future Stars

This program is designed to introduce the students tap, ballet, and jazz. Students in this program will learn the basics in all disciplines and be encouraged to perform. Ages are based on child’s age as of Dec. 31 of the dance year (Sept. – May). Potentially, after the completion of this program, the students may be invited into the Northern Dance Theatre Society as troupe members. Listed following are the skill extensions in each of the levels:

Tiny Tots: Ages 3

Ballet. Students must be 3 by Dec. 31st.

Pre-Kinder Ballet & Tap: Ages 4

Ballet and Tap. Students must be 4 by Dec. 31st.

Kinder Ballet & Tap: Ages 5

Ballet, Tap and Jazz. Students must be 5 by Dec. 31st.

Primary Ballet, Tap & Jazz: Ages 6 & 7

Students must be 6 by Dec. 31st. Includes 7 yr. olds in their first year of dance

Level 1 Ballet, Tap & Jazz: Ages 7 & 8

Students must be 7 by Dec. 31st.

Includes 8 yr. olds in their first year of dance

Accelerated Rec.

Older students who enter dance at the age of 9 or older or who wish to continue dance at a recreational level.

Troupe (Competitive Dance)

Dancers wanting to become part of Troupe must take at least one year of Tap, Ballet and Jazz in order to be considered. Dancers ages 6 and up exhibiting enthusiasm for dance, attentiveness in class and the skill level necessary may receive an invitation to join Troupe in late May or June.

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